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Get Rid Of Tax Debts

Do You Owe Taxes That You Cannot Repay?

Many of the people that we meet, and help, will owe CRA.  The taxes can be from personal income taxes, taxes arising from cashing RRSP’s, taxes as a result of an employer not deducting enough taxes, HST and employee source deductions for self-employed individuals are just some of the types of tax debts that we can help with.

People are always surprised to learn that income tax debts can be eliminated with a bankruptcy or a consumer proposal.  Tax debts are treated like any other unsecured debts (such a credit cards, pay day loans, overdraft, etc.).

Now that you know that tax debts can be discharged with a bankruptcy or consumer proposal here are some important things you should also know:

  • Tax debts that can be included in a bankruptcy or consumer proposal include:
    • Personal income taxes
    • HST / GST
    • Unpaid Source deductions; and
    • Small business (not incorporated) income taxes

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