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Many people go through money challenges at one point or another. From dealing with unexpected job loss, marital breakdown or a family emergency bills, choosing a bankruptcy or consumer proposal solution in Vaughan could be your best bet for clearing debts that you have difficulty in paying back.

How it Works

If you go through the bankruptcy process in Ontario, you should know that most your personal belongings are safe from seizure from creditors with the help of a trustee.  Selecting bankruptcy trustee services in Vaughan involves going through the federally regulated, legal process of clearing most, if not all your debts.

At Chande & Company, we will help you step by step in the bankruptcy process.  At our initial meeting, we will get to know your unique situation and then we will explain all the options that are available in dealing with your debts.  We will also explain all the costs and duties during the bankruptcy process.  We will also provide credit counseling sessions so that you can better manage funds and re-build your credit score.

Consumer Proposal Vaughan Services

An option to avoiding personal bankruptcy is filing a consumer proposal. This is a legally binding agreement that allows you to pay back a portion of what’s owed, extend your payment timeline with your creditors or a combination of both. Although, declaring bankruptcy can eliminate all your debts – it should be your last option when you are unable to file a consumer proposal

In a consumer proposals you will make a single monthly payment over a timeframe of not more than five years. This single monthly payment covers payments to your creditors, the fees of the trustee and all administration costs including government fees.  Once you make your final payment, you would be discharge from your debts and get a fresh financial start.

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Chande & Company understands how unique and individual each client’s circumstances are. That’s why you’ll always have our complete attention when it comes to solving financial challenges. With six convenient locations in the Greater Toronto Area, contact us today your free, no obligation consultation.

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