Bankruptcy Trustee Services Scarborough

From an economic downturn to family emergencies – more people face financial adversities than you know. At Chande & Company, we understand that bankruptcy or filing a consumer proposal in Scarborough can often be the solution to eliminating your debt problems.

How it Works

When you decide to declare bankruptcy in Scarborough, you should know that most personal belongings are exempt from seizure, meaning no one can take them away from you.  Using bankruptcy trustee services means you will go through a legal process within Canada to eliminate most, if not all your debts.

At Chande & Company, we help you through the bankruptcy process every step of the way.  We will discuss all the costs, requirements and duties with you.  We will enroll you in credit counselling sessions where you can better prepare and learn about rebuilding your credit and managing money.

Consumer Proposal Scarborough Services

An alternative to bankruptcy is a consumer proposal. This popular debt-relief solution is a legally binding agreement that gives you the option to pay back a portion of what you owe, extend repayment time or do both with your creditors. Declaring bankruptcy can take care of all your debts – however it’s considered a last option meant for when there’s no other solution available.

Consumer proposals require you to make a single monthly payment over a period of not more than five years.  The proposal payments that you make covers everything, amounts owed to your creditors, professional fees of the trustee and all costs and fees of administering your proposal including fees paid to the government.  Once you make the final payment, your debts will be discharged (a fancy way of saying wiped out).

Get Started

As a hands-on boutique company, Chande & Company offers unhurried, professional consultations when it comes getting to know your debt challenges. With six convenient locations across the Greater Toronto Area, contact us to schedule a free consultation.