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More people go through worrisome financial hardships than you know. Whether you’ve invested blood, sweat and tears into a non-profiting start-up, or you’ve had unexpected emergencies racking up medical bills – filing for bankruptcy or filing a consumer proposal in Mississauga can often be the best solution to dealing with your debts.

How it Works

When you decide to declare bankruptcy in Mississauga, you should know that most personal belongings are exempt from seizure, this means no one can take them away from you. Using bankruptcy trustee services means you will go through a legal process within Canada to eliminate most, if not all your debts.

At Chande & Company, part of the bankruptcy process is to schedule a stress-free consultation.  At this free consultation, we will assess your current financial situation and go over in detail the bankruptcy process.  We will discuss costs, what will be expected of you and how long the bankruptcy could last.  At our credit counselling sessions you will learn how to manage your finances and rebuild your credit.

Consumer Proposal Mississauga Services

An alternative to filing for bankruptcy is filing a consumer proposal. This is a legally binding process that allows you to pay back often a fraction of what’s owed, extend debt-paying time, or do both with your creditors. Even though, personal bankruptcy can clear all your debts –it’s considered a last-choice option meant only for when you don’t qualify for any other solution.

Typically, consumer proposals involve making one monthly payment over a period of no more than five years. This single monthly payment is divided between your creditors, covers all the costs and fees of the consumer proposal.  Once the final payment is made, your debts are discharged (a fancy way of saying wiped out)

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Chande & Company understands how personal and unique each client’s situations are. That’s why you’ll always have our personalized attention when it comes to understanding your debt challenges. With ten locations to choose from in the Greater Toronto Area, contact us to schedule a stress-free consultation.

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