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Going through stressful money matters? More people face financial hardships than you know. Whether family breakup, economic downturn or surprise expenses – declaring personal bankruptcy or filing a consumer proposal in Etobicoke can be an effective solution to wiping your debt clear.

How it Works

When you decide bankruptcy is the right solution for you, it is important to know that most personal items aren’t seized.  Declaring bankruptcy in Etobicoke involves meeting with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, such as Chande & Company, who will explain the process within Canada to declare all, if not most of your debts.

With Chande & Company, we’ll schedule a stress-free consultation to gain an understanding of your current financial situation. We will also schedule credit counselling sessions to help educate you on how to re-build credit and manage future finances.

Consumer Proposal Etobicoke Services

A popular alternative to personal bankruptcy is filing a consumer proposal. This solution is a legally binding agreement that lets you pay just a portion of your debts back, and or stretch out your debt-paying timeline with your creditors. Personal bankruptcy is a good option to clear debt, but it’s really a last-ditch solution to be used only when you truly can’t qualify for any other option.

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Chande & Company understands the need for personalized debt solutions and expert advice for any kind of debt challenge. Currently, we have six locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area for your convenience. Contact us to schedule your stress-free, no obligation consultation.

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