Bankruptcy Trustee Services Brampton

Debt got you down? From too many bills, car accident expenses or other unexpected financial trouble, finding the right debt solution can be difficult. At Chande & Company, we know the ins and outs of debt relief options such as: personal bankruptcy or filing for a consumer proposal, and we’ll work with you to customize the choice that is right for you.

How it Works

If you decide to file for bankruptcy in Ontario, take note that many personal items are excluded from seizure.  When you use bankruptcy trustee services in Brampton, it means you’ll go through the legal process in Canada to eliminate all or most of your debts.

If you go through the bankruptcy process in Ontario, you should know that most your personal belongings are safe from seizure from creditors with the help of a trustee.  Selecting bankruptcy trustee services in Brampton involves going through the federally regulated, legal process of clearing most, if not all your debts.

Consumer Proposal Brampton Services

A popular alternative to personal bankruptcy is the consumer proposal option. This debt solution is a legally binding process that lets you pay back a portion of what you owe, extend repayment timelines or do both with your creditors. Bankruptcy might be a good way to eliminate large debt piles, but should be considered a last-choice solution.

Generally, consumer proposal plans require a single monthly payment over a period of no more than 5 years. Once you make your final payment, your debts will be discharged and you will be debt free.

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Chande & Company offers a no pressure no obligation consultation because we understand how personal and unique each financial situation can be. With six convenient offices across the Greater Toronto Area, connect with us online or call us for a no cost stress-free consultation.